Welcome to Chase Family Farms! We are a family owned and operated organic farm on the Creasey Ridge Road in Mapleton, ME. We are currently transitioning from a dairy farm to a beef farm. It was a difficult decision for us to make. Our family has produced and shipped milk from this farm continuously since 1955. In the last few years, increased input costs including electricity, fuel, labor and organic grain have made it difficult to continue.

Since October, we have been gradually selling our milking cows to other organic farms in Maine, a few at a time. That allowed us to find good homes for our girls. They will continue to produce organic milk, and that is important to us.

Going forward, we are working hard to keep the farm going in a less labor intensive, more cost effective way. We don’t want an empty barn. We will continue to be organic. We have a beef herd that is quickly growing and will be producing quality beef for local families. We have some dairy calves and heifers that we will continue to raise until they are big enough to be sold to other family dairy farms in the state. We will still be harvesting our hay crop. What we don’t need for our own cattle will be available for purchase to other area farms.

Watch our website and social media pages for new offerings, such as aged manure compost or fresh manure for your garden this spring.

Our farm workshop, well equipped over the years to keep our equipment in good repair, is now also available to repair vehicles for others. Let Lew know if you need an oil change, tires mounted and balanced, or other vehicle repairs.

As we venture into unfamiliar territory with our farm, we are hopeful that we can keep it going, working together as a family.

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In the meantime, be sure to check out our facebook page for photos of day-to-day activities on our family farm.