Chase Farms Beef Now Available Locally

Local Ground Beef Now Available at Chase's Organic Dairy in Mapleton

We now have delicious and nutritious LOCAL ground beef for sale at our organic farm.

It is state inspected, organically raised on our farm and is available frozen in approximately 1 lb. vacuum sealed packages. The price is $6.50 per pound.

If you’d like to pick some up, call or text 207-551-6646 to let us know how much you’d like to have, and when you’d to pick it up.

We are planning to participate in the Presque Isle Farmers’ Market this summer.

If you would like to gift LOCAL ground beef to family or friends , we could arrange for that, too.

Thank you for buying local!

In May, we will have some beef available for purchase by the half or by the quarter.

It will be cut to your specifications for preferred steaks, roasts, stew meat, ground beef, etc. It will be priced by the pound, hanging weight, processing included. We expect a quarter to weigh about 200 pound hanging weight. Email us or call 207-764-3993 if you are interested in more details.